It started with a trip to the USA…
After saving up enough money, we jumped on a plane for a once in a lifetime trip exploring all over the USA. The Appalachian Mountains, Gatlinburg, proved to be one of the most important stops! The Moonshine distillery there were just super cool and we couldn’t shake off the experience we had… We wanted to share it back home…

The teams professional background as Event Directors, across some of the largest consumer events in the UK, and passion for Moonshine is allowing us to create immersive experiences sharing the taste of Americana with the UK.

Its all about the memories…

We use our skills in event management, co-ordination and creation to bring together a new, creative and exciting experience that your guests are sure to be talking about.

We are slowly but surely turning our dream into a reality. The dream for us is all about sharing Moonshine’s authenticity, culture, history and our experiences with great drinks and bespoke events. We hope you’ll be able to experience it soon. Matt & Steve – co-founders.

If you are interested in having a bespoke bar, an event co-ordinated from food to drinks (BBQ & Moonshine just works!) or think that a team building whiskey workshop would be pretty cool then get in touch – stephen@shinelondon.net 


Moonshine is engrained in the American story…..right from the very beginning. George Washington himself was a moonshiner. On his property in Virginia, he operated a distillery that boasted five stills and a boiler capable of producing 11,000 gallons of sweet, brand spanking new American whiskey. He was paramount in establishing the distilling process as we know it today.

Shortly after the Revolution, the newly formed United States was struggling to pay the debt created by fighting such a war. That’s when politicians got creative and decided to enact a federal tax on liquors and spirits. This didn’t sit well for many new Americans especially in the wake of fighting a war that was rooted in opposition against such taxes.

During the early 1900’s the temperance movement was beginning to take hold on America. As states began passing laws that banned alcohol sales and consumption the federal government followed suit and Prohibition was born. These actions created a massive black market for distilled spirits. Soon, bootleggers that barely made any money off of their whiskey became rich overnight. The ever increasing demand for distilled spirits during this time led to cheaper ways of making moonshine.

Due to the Federal Governments actions, moonshining became less about heritage and more about profit….leading to rampant violence and gang warfare. Prohibition was repealed in 1933 and the market for bootlegging grew thin. Moonshine continued to be a problem for authorities well into the 20th century but few cases were ever heard in the court.

Now you’re up to date with the history….it’s now time to Shine!


Moonshine is a corn based whiskey. It is distilled in South Carolina using age old techinques in a 100% copper still. This is unlike anything you’ve had before. You have probably heard of it but never tried it and we have the highest quality one for you!

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    We believe that every event should be full of the authenticity brought from Moonshine distilled in South Carolina.

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    Moonshine is born from the American culture and every drink should remind you of that.

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    The drinking of Moonshine should be surrounded by a unique experience found at ShineLondon events.

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    Moonshine has a stunning history, from the origin of NASCAR drivers to antifreeze, its got a varied past!


Shine London works with Palmetto Moonshine and this is the highest quality Moonshine imported into the UK. What makes it better is that Shine London has the exclusivity on this! If you want the best Moonshine at your event then; “are you talking to me?“ well you should be..

Palmetto Distillery is a labor of love for Trey and Bryan Boggs. The two brothers and entrepreneurs from Anderson, SC are dedicated business men, southern to the bone and most importantly spirit connoisseurs. The brothers drew inspiration from their own heritage and that of South Carolina to create Palmetto Distillery. Which produces South Carolina’s First Legal Moonshine and continues to revolutionize the spirit industry.


If you want a themed bar or are part of the trade and want to stock Palmetto Moonshine at your venue/event drop us an email and stick trade in the subject.

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