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Social Sharking..

We know that a website, Twitter and Insta are pretty much business essentials now. So we made a Twitter account, go Shine London! It was born and we got to our first 100 followers on 29th January this year. Anyway this is going somewhere, one of our first reviews can from a chap we met on Twitter who had a great logo and some cool posts so we followed. Nick at Sharking For Chips and Drinks picked up on our brand and was intrigued to know more, and hallelujah was the day when the trade enquiry got a contact form!

Sharking for Chips and Drinks Logo

Sharking for Chips and Drinks asked us if they could know more about what we were doing and if they could write a review and try the Moonshine that we have. The rest is history so please check out what they thought here:

So this was amazing, someone had seen the brand, understood the values and still wanted to get in touch, it was pretty much the same scenario with FarBlack and the Grooming Room at Century Club Soho….

Grooming Room moonshine at the century club