So here we are…

Here it is, Shine London’s first blog and maybe the last but we’ll see how this one goes.
First of all, it would be rude not to introduce the team: Matt (29) & Stephen (really old! Or 31) it changes every time he’s asked. But without sounding like a dodgy dating profile for couples, our paths crossed organising events and realised we had a similar passion and desire to create something new…we give you Shine London.
Secondly, I’m going to apologise for any grammatical mistakes which might appear as it’s very likely I’m writing this crushed on a train and cocooned with commuters armpits on the way to a meeting.

Myself and Steve’s affiliation to moonshine began on a trip around the states where we stumbled upon a distillery and subsequently stumbled out a few hours later! Apart from being an awesome drink, we were hooked with everything else that surrounded it. The history, heritage, culture etc…QUESTION: Did you know that moonshine was used as the first anti-freeze? Or NASCAR originated from the suped up cars that the bootleggers used to evade the law?! Neither did we but we had thirst to know more and obviously drink more ‪#‎shineresponsibly‬
More to follow….

American Flag with Moonshine sign