Grooming Room moonshine at the century club

The Grooming Room

So this was pretty cool. We had only been going for a couple of weeks and we had a MASSIVE PR fashion brand – FARBLACK contact us for more information about what we do. They were hankering for something cool at their newly launched event and they told us that Moonshine would be a great fit #sweet ! The event that they created was to bring together fashion celebs / suppliers in an arena where skills could be showed off and knowledge could be shared, all under the veil of a networking opportunity. The event is held in the Private Members Century Club Soho ( – @centuryclub)

We initially asked where did they hear about us from and after finding out that it was through twitter (@shinelondon_) we asked them why? Their response was super cool; “we love the brand and what you guys are doing…” As you can imagine only being going a couple of weeks we found this freekin amazing.

The next stage was all hands on deck (all 4 of them, 2 mine and 2 of them Matt’s) and working out how to convey our brand and come up with some suitable drink concepts to be served during their cocktail hour and launch party.

The great opportunities that arose from this was meeting the Hoxton Radio guys and operating and aligning our brand with an industry that we wanted to i.e. the fashion and arts. We also created a great cocktail with the mixologists at Century Club – The Tripple Moon (Apple Pie + Peach + American Moonshine topped fresh lime juice and a dash of sugar syrup, it packs a punch!).