By the way we sponsor a great BBQ Team..

We let this one slip through the net a bit. We connected with Ditch Brisket on Twitter, I guess they liked good Moonshine and we really like good BBQ so it was simple! Really happy to be working along side these guys. Amazingly passionate about the BBQ that they do and our kind of people. We will be working together on a number of events plus these guys have some pretty mean recipes that use the Moonshine! We will get some off the guys and post up.

We have seen each other at the Big Meat festival where we got to try some of the chicken wings which were amazing. The guys did an amazing job getting accepted for Grillstock so lets see what they will be cooking up!

Check out their Facebook page here Ditch Brisket Facebook

Follow the on Twitter here @DitchBrisket

Check out the Grillstock Website

Stay tuned for more news / recipes and events!













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