Whiskey Affair at Alton Assembly rooms

Whiskey Affair at Alton Assembly Rooms

The Whiskey Affair took place on Saturday at the Alton Assembly Rooms (www.altonassemblyrooms.com/). Another great event put on by the gang. As usual we had all the bars there; Bourbon, Scotch, Whiskey, the Whiskey Cocktail bar & of course the Moonshine Bar (from us!). It was great to see familiar faces; the Boutique-y Whiskey Company (http://www.thatboutiqueywhiskycompany.com) & Shilton from Paul John Single Malt Whiskeys (check out his twitter here https://twitter.com/ShiltonAlmeida ).

This was the second Whiskey Affair where Shine London took on the masterclass. With 25 people a session, & 2 sessions over the course of the day, it was really enjoyable. Sharing the history, heritage & culture surrounding this iconic drink is is exactly what we want to do!

Guests taking part in the masterclass were able to get an insight into the drinks origins, why it’s so important to American history & how the drink is made. A lot of people have heard about Moonshine but few have had the opportunity to try it. Over the course of the session 4 variations of Palmetto Moonshine are sampled; American Shine (52.5% ABV) / Peach Shine (22.5% ABV) / Apple Pie Shine (22.5% ABV) / Blackberry Shine (22.5% ABV).

It is always interesting to hear which flavours are getting the most love & how surprised people are when they get to try the American Shine. The aroma of the American Shine packs a punch, your nostrils are attacked with a unique smell of un-aged corn based whiskey. The fresh, young & sweet notes of the corn will be experienced first. After sipping, people are ALWAYS amazed at how smooth the drink is, due to it being triple distilled!

This unique drink paired with the iconic history makes for an experience that none should miss out on!

The Whiskey Affair gets around a bit, from town to town sharing all the unique whiskeys you could hope for. To find out more check out the website (http://thewhiskeyaffair.co.uk/) follow on twitter @WhsikeyAffair (https://twitter.com/whiskeyaffair?lang=en) & Facebook (http://facebook.com/TheWhiskeyAffair/) , with live music a special glass that you get to take home and food (not to mention some of the finest whiskeys in the world!) it is not an affair to miss. The event is for anyone who likes whiskey or wants to know more. The relaxed atmosphere makes this a great place for novice to expert.

Stay in touch with us to find out what event Palmetto Moonshine will be at next, what event Shine London is organising & stay up to date with this American drink all the way from South Carolina!

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